Your First Meeting with a Prospect is Where You Make the Sale

“For 34 years, I have been in the financial services industry. In those 34 years, countless advisors I have coached or known as friends complain that they need to get better at closing the sale. When faced with this question today, I am quick to tell all of these individuals the following: the sale is made in the Fact Finder/Initial Interview.” Curt Whipple explores the roots of a successful sale.

how to nail body language on the stage when youre speaking

Mastering Your Body Language on Stage

By Deborah Torres-Patel Your body speaks before you do. Your posture and your body language telegraph how you feel about yourself and set the tone for your presentation. Your audience may not remember exactly what you say, but they will remember the feeling that your presence created. You convey immediately how you feel about yourself—as…

how to be a better public speaker

The Four Pillars of Effective Public Speaking

By Deborah Torres-Patel When you admire an outstanding communicator, you might wonder, “What makes this person so special?” An outstanding communicator has established four essential pillars; you need each one to become a superstar speaker.   Credibility Confidence Charisma Connection     1. Credibility What makes a speaker credible? Apart from your track record, how…