Since 1917, Forbes mission has remained constant: Global Champions of Entrepreneurial Capitalism. ForbesSpeakers exists to further that aim by bringing the Stories, Passion, and Knowledge of top thought leaders to the forefront.  Launched in 2018, ForbesSpeakers is the next step in Forbes’ illustrious 100 year history of disruption and innovation in the media business. Utilizing the Forbes multi-platform media network, ForbesSpeakers offers a branding, visibility, and marketing platform to business speakers that is absolutely unrivaled.


ForbesSpeakers is a speaker marketing company allowing our Thought Leaders to leverage the Forbes brand to promote themselves and their speaking business. We provide the marketing materials and support needed to elevate your speaking authority status. By partnering with ForbesSpeakers, you are confirming that you are a world-class speaker whose stories, passion, and knowledge is a global force for good.