Maximizing Your Resilience by Minimizing Your (Social) Media

In today’s media environment, it can seem that all news channels provide 24/7 coverage on COVID-19. I have had countless conversations with people talking about how after they emerged from a coronavirus ‘rabbit hole’ via (social) media, they felt physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. While it may seem almost impossible to avoid this kind of…

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Building Resilience Through Self-Compassion

As we continue to adapt to the “new normal,” it can feel like every day yields new challenges and setbacks. Indeed, remembering a time when we were at our best can seem like a distant memory. Although we may feel we should judge ourselves as harshly as possible to avoid future mistakes, research suggests the…

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real estate

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

By Helen Chong After lots of real estate investment meetup groups, seminars, online courses, real estate articles, you are now full of theories and education on how to invest in real estate. But you still have not bought anything? Why not? So many people know the power of real estate and understand real estate is…

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Man speaking to crowd

3 Reasons To Engage Audiences in Live Environments

By Scott Cullather We live in an era where the latest tech is at our fingertips. It has enhanced both our personal and professional lives, but at the same time we continue to crave face-to-face interactions. It’s innate to the human condition – we’ve been sitting around campfires sharing stories and knowledge with one another…

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Impeach Unnecessary Bureaucracy

If one were to draft articles of impeachment for traditional bureaucracy or bureaucratic management, they would likely include the following: Article One: Unnecessary Bureaucracy Wastes Human Life. Time is the ultimate non-renewable resource. When humans spend time on unproductive activity (i.e., bureaucratic Brownian motion), it’s time they can no longer spend on productive activities, or…

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Polar Leadership

The business world endures incredible amounts of complexity, anxiety, and stress as it speeds toward an uncertain future. Converging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, nanotechnology, robotics, genetic engineering, and now 4D printing (yes, we’ve now progressed beyond 3D printing) collide with cultural, social and generational changes that entail serious reality distortion. It’s as…

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Help Them See vs. Hope They See

By Kimberly Roush  I was working with a client a few months ago and had a powerful conversation that I wanted to share the essence of with you. Her company was sponsoring her coaching to support her with her readiness for a major career transition and promotion. She had been making really great progress and…

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Playing with Emotions

“Stop giving emotions a bad rap. Empower yourself to listen to their important message. Invite them out to play!” Kimberly Roush shows how to harness emotions for your benefit.

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Your First Meeting with a Prospect is Where You Make the Sale

“For 34 years, I have been in the financial services industry. In those 34 years, countless advisors I have coached or known as friends complain that they need to get better at closing the sale. When faced with this question today, I am quick to tell all of these individuals the following: the sale is made in the Fact Finder/Initial Interview.” Curt Whipple explores the roots of a successful sale.

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how to nail body language on the stage when youre speaking

Mastering Your Body Language on Stage

By Deborah Torres-Patel Your body speaks before you do. Your posture and your body language telegraph how you feel about yourself and set the tone for your presentation. Your audience may not remember exactly what you say, but they will remember the feeling that your presence created. You convey immediately how you feel about yourself—as…

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how to be a better public speaker

The Four Pillars of Effective Public Speaking

By Deborah Torres-Patel When you admire an outstanding communicator, you might wonder, “What makes this person so special?” An outstanding communicator has established four essential pillars; you need each one to become a superstar speaker.   Credibility Confidence Charisma Connection     1. Credibility What makes a speaker credible? Apart from your track record, how…

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No More powerpoint

4 Core Reasons Why PowerPoints Hurt Your Presentation

We’ve all seen it, haven’t we? The archetypal “slave to the PowerPoint.” Eyes glued to the screen. Reciting bullet point text in monotone, as listeners’ eyes grow glassy. PowerPoint slides function like a stack of note cards—but broadcasted to an audience, rather than held to your chest. In theory, they buoy the presentation, pair visuals…

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how to get a tedtalk

How To Get Your Own TED Talk

TED Talks floated around for 30-odd years before the zeitgeist finally took notice. Neatly packaged as “Ideas Worth Spreading,” some humorists have touted them as “the millennial answer to church.” And while the ideas are in a class of their own, you simply can’t dole enough praise to TED’s band of speakers. Each one a…

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How To Convert Audience Members to Leads

When you to take to the stage, you have two duties—one to your audience, and one to yourself. You have the responsibility to deliver value to the audience in the form of a stellar speech. You also have a responsibility to yourself, your brand, and your team to turn select audience members into future clients.…

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Every Speech is Motivational

By Anthony Iannarino I sat in the back of the room waiting for someone to recognize me as a guest and introduce me to the people already seated. It was my second Toastmasters meeting, and I intended to join the group. I was having a difficult time doing so, because no one spoke to me.…

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5 Ways of Speaking Passionately and With A Purpose

Speaking allows you to communicate your passion about a subject upon which you are expert. In most cases, one doesn’t naturally acquire advanced speaking skills. Typically, an individual discovers a passion they wish to share with others, crafting his or her skillset strategically to better communicate their knowledge on a subject. Wanting to pursue a…

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What Makes A Speaker Great: A Listener’s Insight

Communication is the backbone of society. It is vital to every business, to every relationship, to every beginning. When we speak, we motivate each other; we influence; we tell stories of success and failure–hoping to impart knowledge or make someone feel something. This is not only what makes a speaker great, but serves as a…

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3 Easy Ways to Market Yourself As a Speaker

The stage. The lighting. The presence and energy of a crowd. All of these things combined empower a speaker and remind them why they’re speaking in the first place. Keynote speakers are coveted around the country, and for good reason. An outstanding speaker can energize any audience that may be nodding off during a mid-afternoon…

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