Impeach Unnecessary Bureaucracy

If one were to draft articles of impeachment for traditional bureaucracy or bureaucratic management, they would likely include the following: Article One: Unnecessary Bureaucracy Wastes Human Life. Time is the ultimate non-renewable resource. When humans spend time on unproductive activity (i.e., bureaucratic Brownian motion), it’s time they can no longer spend on productive activities, or…

Help Them See vs. Hope They See

By Kimberly Roush  I was working with a client a few months ago and had a powerful conversation that I wanted to share the essence of with you. Her company was sponsoring her coaching to support her with her readiness for a major career transition and promotion. She had been making really great progress and…

Your First Meeting with a Prospect is Where You Make the Sale

“For 34 years, I have been in the financial services industry. In those 34 years, countless advisors I have coached or known as friends complain that they need to get better at closing the sale. When faced with this question today, I am quick to tell all of these individuals the following: the sale is made in the Fact Finder/Initial Interview.” Curt Whipple explores the roots of a successful sale.