Clint Padgett

Clint Padgett
Atlanta, GA

Clint Padgett is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years experience as a project manager and leader. He is an expert in project management strategy, project management consulting, project manager training, and project management office auditing. As the author of the book titled, ‘The Project Success Method’, Clint is extremely passionate about project management.

Since 1994, Clint has worked at Project Success Inc. and is currently the President and CEO. Clint’s vast level of experience positioned him to reshape the landscape of project management to better reflect today’s new business models. With the modern organization becoming more fast, agile and highly reactive, Clint Padgett approaches companies with project management that’s proven and actually works – not with tools that are just new and trendy at the moment.

Project Success Inc. relies on a simple but unique methodology that for the last 30 years has leveraged the gap between business operations, and the way senior management and cross-functional teams should execute the projects that ultimately keep their business far in the black.

Clint shares his expertise by speaking at conferences around the world and teaching classes at the SCTE-Georgia Tech Management Development Program. He is also the author of two books.

Agile development has ushered in an obsession with adaptive planning and continuous improvement. But the collaborative effort of cross-functional teams that it relies on is all too often built without a strong foundation. Clint’s upcoming book, How Teams Triumph provides the missing blueprint.