Marietta, PA

Deborah Torres Patel Specializations: Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Leadership, Communication, Management Consulting, Personal Development, Entertainment.

Topics: How to Speak With Confidence, What you say & How you say it, Find your Million Dollar Voice.



Deborah helps leaders communicate with unshakeable confidence and master influential voice, presentation and public speaking skills. Today, she’s the secret weapon, coach, and mentor behind many of the world’s best-selling authors, experts and leaders of Fortune 500 Companies. She designs and teaches predictable systems that ensure her clients communicate with world-class credibility and unshakeable confidence every time they speak.

Deborah’s had the privilege of working with hundreds of thousands of people in 80 countries on 6 continents as an International Voice, Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Expert. She’s been fortunate to share global speaking platforms with leaders like Kim Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Her clients have been on all major international media and she’s personally been featured on CNBC and CNN television and in global publications like TIME and Forbes.

In her entertainment career, she performed for millions on radio, animated film, TV, Broadway and on international live concert stages with celebrities like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. For decades, she’s shared and transferred these highly refined world-class communication skills to enable leaders to scale new heights, reach their peak potential and the pinnacle of their careers.

Deborah is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). In May 2018, she became the first and only woman to be honored with the APSS Speaker Hall of Fame (HOF) Lifetime Achievement Award for speaking excellence and professionalism.