helen chong
helen chong
San Jose, CA

Specialization: Real Estate Investments, Real Estate Career, Real Estate Financial Analysis, Positive and Grateful Mindset, Bridging Eastern and Western Culture, Take Control of Your Destiny and Financial Security, Break the Stereotypical Identity, Build Confidence


  • How to build a thriving real estate career
  • How to run analysis for your real estate investments
  • How to take control of your financial security through real estate
  • How to take control of your destiny by breaking stereotypical identity
  • How to build the confidence to be yourself


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Helen Chong was 18 years old, alone, and desperately trying to escape her family’s financial struggles in Asia when she arrived in the United States for the first time. Before long, Helen broke all stereotypes as an immigrant, a minority, a woman, and a mom, on her path to becoming a successful entrepreneur specializing in real estate brokerage and investments. Now, she is the Founder and CEO of Haylen Group, an organization dedicated to high quality real estate sales practices and helping clients build wealth through real estate investments.


The struggles Helen’s family faced during her childhood opened her eyes to how the loss of financial  stability and the resulting loss of their home changed her family dynamic. What’s more, after witnessing (and escaping) the ethnically-driven riots in Indonesia that followed the 1998 Asian financial crisis, Helen understood how financial instability and struggle can affect society writ large.


It’s these experiences that helped Helen survive in a foreign country, learn a new language and culture, fight against stereotypes, and build up the confidence to gain financial independence through real estate, one little step at a time. Using storytelling, Helen motivates her audience to take control of their own destiny by taking control of their mindset. And in the same way, take control of their financial security through savvy real estate investment.


Helen Chong is now a proud wife of a US Veteran, a mother of three children, a top producing real estate broker, and an avid real estate investor. She is also an active volunteer in different real estate organizations. Through speaking and writing about her experiences as an immigrant, a minority, a woman, and a mother, she hopes to inspire others who would like to break any stereotypes and take control of their destiny.  

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