Sacramento, CA

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A serial entrepreneur, Jack Whatley is the Founder & CEO of The Transportation Guys. TTG is a new economy recruiting firm devoted specifically to the needs of the trucking industry, an industry in the throes of one of the most catastrophic labor shortages in history. Jack built the very first job board designed specifically for truckers, and through this innovative approach to driver recruitment, developed his revolutionary Human Code DNA of Hiring System, which instantly reduced a company’s expenses, while providing highly qualified applicants interested in a long-term engagement.

At the urging of his clients, Jack founded The Transportation Guys in 2012. Together with his partner, daughter and innovation wizard Anika Whatley, they have been perfecting the Human Code DNA system ever since, using the latest technology to automate, target and streamline recruitment efforts. The DNA of Hiring system, which enhances worker productivity and improves the quality of worker experience, has made The Transportation Guys the #1 source for local route, high end truck driving jobs in the world. Jack is now at work extending his Human Code DNA of Hiring System into other industries who are entering a new economy characterized by a labor shortage, and a generation of workers who are looking for more than just a paycheck from their employers.

Jack’s novel approach to hiring top talent has made him one of the most sought after recruiting and efficiency consultants in the world. Jack lives in Sacramento in a Queen Ann revival he restored himself. In his spare time Jack loves taking long bike rides with his dog along the riverbank, brightly colored boots, antiquing with his daughter, and planning his next disruptive business venture while gazing at the stars on the ceiling.