jack whatley
Sacramento, CA

Specialization: Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing

Topics: Mastering the trust factor in your employer branding message. How to out recruiter the competition using the human code. The talent revolution and the importance of becoming a human code company.

Resources: JackWhatley.com


Jack Whatley is a recruiting strategist, succeeding in an industry in the throes of one of the most catastrophic labor shortages in history. He attributes his success to implementing the time-tested principles of human code into his business. Providing the right mix of compensation with a culture based on trust and High-performance team members with shared values that executes business success.

Jack is known for creating successful recruiting and employer branding campaigns that provide a good candidate experience and build employer brand, while delivering highly qualified applicants. His Driver DNA Hiring System has made Jack the #1 People ops Recruiting Strategist for truck driving recruitment in the world.

With the full employment economy and the social expectations of the work force is changing how to attract and hire top talent. Jack has extended his Human Code DNA of Hiring System into other industries who are experiencing a crowded talent market.

Together with his partner, daughter and innovation wizard Anika Whatley, they have been working away to build the best high-performance culture for their recruiting team by perfecting the Human Code DNA hiring system. Using the latest technology that improves, the quality of their worker work life enhances recruiter productivity by automate repetitive tasks, target and streamline recruitment efforts. Allowing the recruiting team to spend their time on high value work in a metrics driven business model that provides you the data on KPI’s that allows for constant improvement and ROI numbers. 

Jack’s Human Code approach to hiring top talent has made him one of the most sought after recruiting and efficiency consultants in the world. Jack lives in Sacramento in a Queen Ann revival he restored himself. In his spare time Jack loves taking long bike rides with his dog along the riverbank, brightly colored boots, antiquing with his daughter, and planning his next disruptive business venture while gazing at the stars on the ceiling.