Inspirational Problem Solver, Story Teller, Speaker, Thought Leader, Author, Trainer
Abingdon, VA | Atlanta, GA | Charlotte, NC

Specializations: Triggering Personal Development, Finding Motivation, Living with Awareness,
Moving Towards Actualization, Practicing Mindfulness, Maximizing Relationships, Making
Diversity Universal, Avoiding Depression, Suicide Prevention, Being Unconditional Love


From his college days selling Bibles door-to-door to software consulting throughout the country,
Kirk has tried to do it all. He’s worked on oil rigs, been a stockbroker, driven 18 wheelers,
fathered twin boys, been awarded by President Ronald Reagan, owned his own business, and
created Travel Tapes. He has worked overseas and been to every major city in America.
Despite the excitement that goes with such an eclectic and independent life journey, Kirk has
seen his share of personal frustration and disappointment resulting in a near death experience
in 1997. The gift of a friend would help turn his life around and begin a recovery that is nothing
less than remarkable. Kirk shares his insight and the lessons learned in his latest book Flower
Dog Man.

He has crafted a message that truly resonates with its audience-

“Kirk, you have a message that should be read or heard by many. In my opinion, you
are right on target.” – Dr Roy Nicks, Former President East Tennessee State University,
Chancellor Emeritus- Tennessee University System

“Kirk, 24 hours after your presentation and we are still glowing.” – Dr Laura George,
Director, The Oracle Institute, Independence, VA

“This book could be one of, if not the single most important possession you own.” –
Reviewer on Amazon

“The best read I’ve read in 60 years.”- Phil B. Nashville, TN

In the 60-minute presentation, Kirk reveals basic principles that most audiences have never
heard before; truths that will unlock and pace its listeners to reaching their full human potential:

  • Having awareness
  • Being in the moment
  • Living with intention
  • Recognizing Ego

This storyteller’s work has been described by many as “a wake-up call for humanity” and offers
a practical yet enlightened approach to addressing some of our world’s worst ills:

  • racism
  • bigotry
  • domestic violence
  • homophobia
  • class envy
  • suicide
  • addiction
  • unfulfillment
  • unhappiness
  • despair

“A welcome antidote to the anxiety-inducing tensions of the everyday world. A lifetime of
precisely distilled experiences expertly concentrated” – Kirkus Review

When he’s not speaking, Kirk trains physicians on the Epic electronic medical record and his
client list includes some of the finest medical facilities in the world: Stanford University, The
Cleveland Clinic, UCSF, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, CA.

What Kirk loves more than anything is being home with his wonderful wife Tina and their two
dogs Bear and Saban; while pursuing his other passions:

  • Self-taught musician (8 different instruments)
  • World class chef (Cajun, New Orleans, Southern, French cooking)
  • Practicing magician
  • Avid genealogist
  • Poet
  • Song writer
  • Luckiest college football fan in America (University of Alabama ’79)