Marcela Ronquillo


  • Women in leadership 
  • Latin American Women United 
  • Innovation & commercialization of space 
  • Fostering peace




Marcela Ronquillo is a Founding Principal of NewSpace Capital & CEO of NewSpace Capital LLC. NewSpace Capital aims to help clients fuel their passion for the burgeoning privatization of space exploration, as well as their short and medium-term investments. In addition to her work at NewSpace, Marcela had over 20 years of experience in communications and marketing. She led various campaigns for politicians, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists.


Marcela is also involved heavily in the arts, having served as the CEO of the Brownsville Museum of Fine art from 2011-2015. She is still a member of several organizations including the Brownsville Community Foundation and the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City. She is also the Director of International Affairs ANMEC (the National Association of Businesswoman in Agriculture, Produce & Livestock) and President of Women, Pride & Land International.